2015 2015

One of the biggest sources of inspiration for this month was the conference[1]. I've to admit that I was a bit skeptic about it,   I put it on my conference plan mainly because of the location (old street, I went there by walk) and the price (~£80 so damn cheap). Why I was skeptic? Well, mainly because I'm a big fan of technical talks and usually I find quite annoying talks about self-experience. Anyway long story short, I assisted at two of the most inspirational talk ever, the first one by Stefanie Posavec on how to use datasets as raw material and the second one by Elliot Jay Stocks about his own career and how he ended up fully enjoying his side projects. Especially the second one was amazing and I've to admit that it was a huge push on reopening my blog and finally try out ghost (blog platform that is running right now this page).
I was also lucky enough to meet him at the pub and, between a pint and another, ask him one of the biggest questions of a web designer life:

"Is it possible to learn typography from scratch, even if I always screw up with the fonts?"

He was really kind and gave me a precious list of resources, that I have to share:

  • Stop stealing sheep and learn how type works by Erik Spiekermann
  • Thinking with type by Ellen Lupton
  • Combining typefaces by Tim Brown

  1. Unfortunately they don't have a static page for the event and this link is related to the new edition that is going to be in Brighton. ↩︎