Sproxify intercepts Spotify’s links and let you choose where to play it.

Sproxify logo

Recently Spotify released a slick-looking web app to allow music aficionados listening to their favorite tracks on web browsers, so finally Linux users could take advantage of this awesome service too.

The only issue? Sharing links between the two services (the web app and the desktop app) it was quite a little pain in the ass. It seemed that people at Spotify had not thought that when clicking on a shared Spotify link (regardlessly), users would like to be taken into their favorite Spotify app straight away.

Before the release of Sproxify, all the time that a friend of mine used to send me a link via web browser, I had to click on it, look up at the name of the track/album/artist/whatever and subsequently search for it in the app. Again. A rather clumsy process.

How cool would it be to hit on a link and immediately being able to choose where I want to play my music? With this in mind, I created a little script to fix this problem: Sproxify :-)

Play me in Spotify Web! Play me in Spotify App!

Sproxify is available as Chrome extension and User Script, and the code is released as OpenSource on GitHub.

In a nutshell

It doesn’t matter if you are a Spotify web app user or a canonical desktop one: through a fancy-looking button, Sproxify redirects you in the desiderated environment where you can finally play your music. Just where you want!