W3C Validation with Gulp

W3C Validation with Gulp

Since I was working on my thesis on Assistive Technology during my University days I was kind of obsesses on validating my HTML (and CSS) using W3C tools.
And proudly show the nowadays old fashioned W3C Badges:
W3C Badges

Now that Front End building tools (i.e. Gulp) are integrated in almost every build process or CI I spent some of my time trying to automate this process of validation.

In order to do the validation I used w3cjs, gulp-util for the logging and map-stream for looping on the files passed as glob.

Here is what I ended up with.

import gulp from 'gulp';
import util from 'gulp-util';
import w3cjs from 'w3cjs';
import mapStream from 'map-stream';

function validationFeedback(file){
  return result => {
    var messages = result.messages;
    //exclude the info messages
    messages = messages.filter(message => message.type !== 'info');
    if (messages && messages.length) {
      messages.forEach(message => {
    } else {
      $.util.log(file.path + $.util.colors.green(' [  OK  ]'));

function validate(file){
    input: file.contents,
      callback: validationFeedback(file)

gulp.task('validate', () =>

In action